Double Bookcase M3 Avondale

The Avondale double bookcase, with sliding doors, glass above and wood below, combines a solid oak top with white painted wood, in a rustic Provencal style, perfect for the living room, office or bedroom.

Includes 3 interior wooden shelves. For sale glass shelves with LED lighting.

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Bajo Pedido: Entrega en 40 días.

FORMAT: Furniture Showcase Shelving Bookcase with doors, drawers and shelves

MEASUREMENTS: W 180 x H 214 X D 48 cm

FINISH: Oil-treated oak top and white painted base.

EXTRA: Upper sides available in wood or glass. Your choice. For sale, separately, glass shelves with LED lighting.

MAINTENANCE: Requires occasional treatment with Danish type oil to keep the wood nourished

AVONDALE: A collection of furniture for living rooms and dining rooms, rustic Provencal style, made of solid oak wood and oak DM, combined with white painted bases, with a variety of pieces, shapes and sizes that make it a very versatile option. for your home.


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